Jay and Daz

Jax and Daz Muggera Dancers


Jax and Daz from the Muggera Dancers and stars of Logie Award nominated TV series ‘Move it Mob Style’ will host Yabun Festival’s Corroboree Ground in 2017.

Jax (Jacqueline Cornforth) and Daz (Darren Compton) are a multi-skilled duo with many years of performance and community engagement experience.

Dax is a proud descendent of Bundjalung, Munanjali, and Gamillaraay nations of the mainland, and the Mer people of the Torres Strait Islands. He is a proficient yiggi yiggi (didgeridoo) player, an artist/craftsman and a multi-skilled Indigenous performer and dancer in both traditional and hip-hop dance. Dax has been dancing since the age of 13 and has performed in over 4000 shows across Australia, from remote communities to urban corporate functions. He has also performed internationally, travelling to over 24 countries representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture.

Born in Cairns, Jax is a proud Wuthathi woman from East Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. She is also a proud Torres Strait Islander woman with family ties to Thursday, Badu and Moa Islands. Jax completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and also studied at NAISDA Dance College. Jax has vast experience and extensive skills as a performer, dance teacher, choreographer and event host.

Jax and Daz have featured on hit Indigenous dance program ‘Move it Mob Style’ and have worked as a duo throughout Australia over the last five years teaching young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about culture and dance.

The duo will be on hand to deliver another unforgettable day of traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural expression and celebration. Catch Jax and Daz down at the Corrorboree Ground at the 2017 Yabun Festival!