Lucky Luke


Lucky Luke aka Joseph Dargan is a humble young man who cannot believe his lucky strike of luck in the Hip Hop industry. But luck has nothing to do with his uncanny sense for a dope beat when he hears it or his mad choice of play of words, topic or genre when he expresses his passion for his people and community through his writing.

Lucky Luke was born in Cloncurry on Friday the 13th that was also Easter Good Friday. His grandmother Annie said the family didn’t have to be superstitious of Black Friday anymore as something good happened, they were lucky to get another grandson. Hence his name sake, Lucky Luke and his business name Curry Murri Productions.

Lucky Luke’s easy to listen to voice and catchy tunes has attracted all ages developing him a steady fan base. He loves to support his fellow artists and this stands out in his collaborations on his first album as he reached out to fellow underground Hip Hop artists.

His first album ‘Whichway’ sought to raise your conscious thought life choices having gone down many a destructive pathway in his life. His mum’s guidance is evident as he raps about how she is always there to give some solid advice that he extends to his audience when he raps “I’m here for you, its Lucky Luke Yo!”

The album’s cover has provoked the discussion of Mining issues in political magazines (Green Left Weekly) naming his Album one of the top five political albums for 2015. On his cd cover the artist is seen to be pulling down the Mount Isa stack. The now famous whichway pose was splashed across the front page of The North West Star.

Lucky Luke’s Aboriginal ancestry spans from the lands to the North west into the Northern Territory of the Warumungu people’s country. To the south to his great grandfather’s Ringa Ringa group, Closer to home his mother’s country of the Mighty Mitakoodi, his dad’s Fierce gorilla warfare fighting Kalkadoons. Together along with the Waanyi people of the gulf where he has drawn inspiration for his fighting spirit. He dedicates a special heart felt oral history verse depicting his grandfather’s struggle and survival, a must to listen to, “Send me to my grave” by Lucky Luke off his whichway album.
Recently he released his first music video as a build up to the release of his third album Walkabout. This Hip Hop Artist is on fire with ideas and in the pipeline for the future maybe a movie.