Yabun 2018 Stalls – Terms & Conditions

YABUN FESTIVAL Terms & Conditions

APPLICATION Completing application form does not guarantee acceptance. Yabun reserves the right to exclude any organisation, business or individual from participating in the festival. Applications are accepted at the sole discretion of the festival organisers.

PAYMENT An invoice for payment and details of methods of payment will be forwarded to you on receipt and approval of your application. Payment needs to be made within 2 weeks. Your application is only confirmed when full payment has been received.

STALL SIZE The stalls provided measure 2.4 x 2.4 meters and are trestle topped on three sides with a roof. Double stalls are available and fees will be applied accordingly. Contact us if you require a special size marquee. Stallholders that prefer to bring their own marquee must state that on their application and provide size. All food stalls are required to bring their own stall. Any additional space requirements must be arranged and paid in advance. If you have incorrectly advised us about the size of your stall/set up and on the day you bring a bigger/extra structure you will not be permitted to set up on the day and no refund will be issued.

STALL SET UP All stalls must trade within their stall area. Under no circumstances will stalls be allowed to extend racks, signage, offer services or goods outside the designated area. Stalls that require a larger site must clearly state that when applying.

MARQUEE WEIGHTS To ensure safety at all times, marquees must be secured to the ground. Stallholders that are bringing their own stall must provide the weights/sand bags to secure the stall to the ground and to be able to trade. Pegs cannot be used on the grounds at all.

VEHICLES Vehicles & trailers are not permitted to remain on site during the day. Vehicles must be parked in designated car parking areas for the duration of the festival.

STALL ALLOCATION Stalls are placed at the discretion of the festival organisers. All requests will be considered but not guaranteed. Festival organisers reserve the right to re-locate a stallholder to another stall/area within the festival.

STALL BUMP IN/OUT Directions given by the Yabun staff must be followed at all times. Failure to do so could lead to immediate exclusion from upcoming Yabun festivals. Stalls must arrive at the designated times for a smooth set up. Cars are not allowed to come on site after 8am and until the site has been satisfactorily cleared and deemed safe. Food stallholders can receive deliveries during the day at the park entrance.

PROPERTY DAMAGE If any of the stalls provided are damaged please notify the Stalls Coordinator immediately. All damage to stalls is the responsibility of the stallholders and you will be invoiced for any damages.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE All stallholders are required to present a copy of their current Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance to the value of $20,000,000.

FOOD STALLS Tap water cannot be accessed in the park on the day. Food stalls are required to bring their own water, hand wash station and hand washing facilities. As stated in the Temporary Food Permit application for the City of Sydney you must have warm running water (approximately 40ºC), liquid soap and disposable paper towels must be provided at each hand wash station. In order to accept your application food stalls need to submit their Sydney City Council Temporary Food Premises Approval and Food Safety Supervisor certificates by the due date. If not received the application will be rejected. Food and beverage stalls are required to use biodegradable/ compostable catering products.

POWERED STALLS Access to power is strictly by approval only. All stalls with power needs must indicate the number of power outlets (10-15Amp) needed when applying. An accurate and detailed list of the appliances and their estimated wattage must be provided too. No extra power will be provided on the day unless previously arrangements have been made. If you are unsure about the amount of power you need based on your equipment, it is best that you consult an electrician. Double adaptors are not permitted. Stalls using electrical appliances must provide tagged as tested power leads and extension cords at their stall. Non-compliance could lead to cease trading immediately. No refund will be issued if your stall is closed.

INSPECTIONS All stalls must sell/provide the goods/services that are stated on their application form. All stalls will be audited on the day and if not complying with our standards will be asked to cease trading immediately. No refund will be issued if your stall is closed.

REFUND POLICY Refunds will be given if cancellation is given in writing before 19/12/17. A $ 50.00 administration fee will incur. No refunds will be given after this date.

WASTE All rubbish, packaging and waste that has been generated as a result of your trading must be taken with you. The bins provided on site are for the only use of general public. Stallholders are responsible for leaving their site and surrounding area clean, tidy and undamaged. A cleaning fee of $150.00 will be charged for any waste left on your site.

WH&S All stallholders are expected to comply with all safety regulations and requirements to ensure that the Yabun festival is a safe event. All trip hazards must be covered to prevent any accident. The stallholders must drive on festival site at a safe speed that is not greater than 5km and with the hazard lights on. Yabun accepts no liability for loss or damages to persons, money or goods.